Winter food for your skin

With the arrival of New Year, the temperature has shot down and almost everyone is shivering. Cold and Mumbai doesn't connect too much and it's very well known that even this cold would bid a goodbye in few days. But, how does winter feel without a little bit of cold and shivering ? Not exciting enough ! Showing off your best woollens, waking up late in the morning, curl up under the blanket for the whole day - that's how winter should be. Biting cold !

Recommendations form an important part in every season concerning your health, food, hair and skin. You must know that we make soaps which are particular for each season. So, Soulflower has quite a few soaps designed for winter too !

Today,I would like to tell a tale about one such soap amongst all the winter soaps. It's the Feels Like Silk soap. Haven't heard of such a name for a soap before ? C'mon now .. how can you ? Like we are innovative about our products, it's same for the names too ! Oh yes .. we put a lot of effort behind giving the names and it's made sure that they were never heard before ! Now, coming back to the soap .. here's some photographs to make you understand better ..

Feels Like Silk

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Want to know about the ingredients of the soap ?

Aloevera with it's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities make it perfect for use on minor burns, as well as dry and blemished skin.

Turmeric with it's magical healing qualities reduces skin inflammations and sunburn and clears acne.

Honey as sweet it is for taste is the same for your skin. It soothe and softens your skin along with re-hydrating the same.

Cocoa Butter with it's utterly butterly qualities moisturizes and helps protect your skin. Apart from that, it imparts a rich and creamy lather to the soap.

Tea Tree Essential Oil gets very easily absorbed into the skin and fights against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also reduces swelling and redness that occur with acne or pimples.
annnd lastly,

Vitamin E  Oil reduces wrinkles and makes your skin look young !

honey - soothes and softens your skin

aloevera - antiseptic and perfect for curing burns and blemishes

turmeric - reduces skin inflammations and sunburns

The ingredients itself has got their own medicinal properties which is beneficial for your skin. Winter skin is always in need of vehement maintenance and Feels Like Silk is sure to help you with that. The contents in this soap provide you with that calming effect on your skin. If you are suffering from dry, itchy or irritated skin this winter, then this soap is just for you.

Soulflower is itself an experience. So, why not indulge with our products and experience this beautiful journey with us ?


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