New soaps for your soul

New Year ! New resolutions ! Naah ... no more of that ! It's almost mid January and we have almost got the hang of our brand new year. Resolutions have been taken, some maintained, some struggling to maintain while some just gave up. But, still promises are given and we run to keep up with them for a better tomorrow.

In Soulflower, along with better it's for a healthier tomorrow. Experiments are a part of life in Soulflower. Little tweaking, little modifying, whole new ideas, inspirations - and something new is created. Ah !! sounds so good ! Well, it feels good too ! How would you like when an unique yet alluring aroma travels from the kitchen and dances around your nose ?? You become a sniffer dog !! Right .. just to make you get the point , get inside our kitchen or just roam around and you will get to have occasional treats like this.

Well, I got to experience something of that sort and poked my nose around to find something really delicious .. ermm .. they are soaps, so, just delicious to my eyes. Therefore, just thought .. why not share some of them with you. Who knows .. you take a bite or two.

a whole bar of candies ... or candy soaps ???

who wants a candy from the candy store ???

chai break for our soap chef ..

reminds me of the sea ..

walk on the beach ..

looks like heaven ..

I still didn't get over with the whole experience. It was in word, just mesmerizing !! And above all, when those freshly baked soaps are cut into small bars, you feel like taking a bite as if it's a slice of a cake. Beyond our imagination, things do happen and creativity is always beyond our imagination. It's the unseen, the untouched and what we should crave for and that can only be found when searched intensely and with passion. Making such beautiful soaps is craftsmanship and not only the artisan but, also the viewer would feel how exclusive it is.


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