Mix n Mingle

Our Soulflower products are so very friendly with each other. Remember, I introduced you all to our Anti-Dandruff set ? Yeah !! It's quite a common scene in here. Soaps love each other and are the gossipmongers of Soulflower. They can be always spotted, all huddled in a group. And the colours of the soaps !! Oh, don't talk about them !! At least, I can't stop talking about them !! Bath Salts are the most attractive and possess this certain vanity which obviously doesn't affect their friendship with the others. The aroma candles are the serene most as they stay calm and quiet whilst soothing the surroundings with their fragrance.

Now, who all are missing ??? Ah .. yes .. the oils !! How can I not say anything about them ? Well, they surely need a special place amongst all the other products. And why ? Because, they are the wisest, friendliest and the most responsible of all. Not only are they unique on their own, but they also form amazing blends with other oils.

aaaannnd and and .. it doesn't stop over here. They are very much situated in all our products. Every product is unfinished especially without the essential oils. Now today, I will talk about something of that sort wherein the combination of a trio creates magical havoc with your skin.

The trio is of Cinnamon Essential Oil, Jojoba Carrier Oil and Olive Carrier Oil. Now before moving on with the story, let's look up a little about the bountiful benefits of cinnamon, olive and jojoba. 'Daalchini' as is famously known all over India with slight bit of modifications for different states is one of the prime components of the ' garam masala ' family. With it's strong, sweet and spicy taste and woody fragrance, it's not only a favourite within the food plates but, also has amazing healing properties.  It's an effective stimulant for improving the quality of your hair along with serving as an excellent brain tonic. Cinnamon Essential Oil also helps in cold, flu, influenza, sore throat and congestion.

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cinnamon as the sole ingredient

Now a little about the very great Olives ! Virgin Olive Oil .. tell me someone who has not heard about it ? Olive Oil has been primarily used in cooking. Considered as a part of your healthy regime, it has gained quite a reputation within the ' stay healthy, stay fit ' category. Although, in India, we still use those oils which has been prevalent since the ancient days- say Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil and nowadays widely used Sunflower Oil. Olive Oil, you can say has been the new entrant in our kitchen while it has been very much a daily in the west. Not just for cooking, but, applying Olive Oil has been known to be really good for your skin. Packed with Vitamin E, it has high moisturizing qualities and is highly beneficial for your hair as well as skin. 

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Jojoba is used as an ingredient in beauty products like lipstick, shampoos, body lotion and cleansing products. It is quite effective against wrinkles, acne and chapped lips. For hair, it can also be applied for the perfect shine and frizz control. It is also good for treating eczema.

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Now how can you use the three for better results ? How can they be combined ?

- With 2 drops of Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil mix 6 drops of Olive Carrier Oil and apply it on your scalp and rinse off with a shampoo wash after 15 minutes. It's very very effective for controlling hair fall.

- Now combining the trio, mix 3 drops of Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil into half cup sea salt. Add 2 teaspoons of Jojoba and Olive Carrier Oil along with 3 teaspoons of honey. Scrub your body with the mix and wash it off after 15minutes to get glowing, soft skin.

So, how about trying this new therapy ? Try it at home and get back in touch with us as we will be really eager to know about the results !!!


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