Some oatmeal for your skin ???

The newest and latest ingredient in our kitchen !!

Oatmeal !! Surprised ?? But, you have it for your breakfast ... right ?? Then how can you take it tour bathroom ? Yes, you can .. with our specially ordered oatmeal infused soap. But, you should have known it till now that we have a kitchen and chefs and ingredients just like your home
aaand, we cook soaps and oils. Nice .. isn't it ?? And yes, we just love to experiment and try out new ingredients for interesting blends and combinations.

Now, why did we think of oatmeal for your skin ?

- because, the application of oatmeal would reduce excess oil and bacteria from your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells which in turn would get your skin rid of acne.

- it also acts as a natural moisturizer by fighting dull, flaky dryness of your skin as it penetrates deep into the skin.

- also good for treating wounds and is effective for healing a number of skin infections.

Okkk, now, leave aside the details, let's have a look at our yummy looking Oatmeal Cake soap.



Oatmeal for your skin


oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal for bath

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