For a rosy weekend

Happy Weekend people !! Some may be working, while some may not. But, the truth is that, Weekend is a weekend !! And everyone just craves for this time !! Now, it quite obviously depends on an individual how they are going to spend their weekend. It's so different for everyone !! Let's have a look at some really sought after ways of spending an amazing weekend.

Party really really hard that you just fall asleep to wake up on Monday !!!!

Go for a long drive and enjoy a scenic beauty along with your family or well .. it's up to you !!!!

Ohh .. go for a long drive ... just alone !!!

Spend at home, helping out your family with teeny tiny things .. gives you loads of satisfaction, I must say !!!

Pep up your romantic life .. c'mon now, loved ones need your time too !!!

aannnd .. my favourite .. just sleep, sleep and sleep all day to wake up to a depressing Monday !!!

See, I gave you a whole lot of ideas. Now, all you need to do is just .. Follow them !!

And, just to make sure that your weekend doesn't get spent without Soulflower, we as always have something in mind for you. Have a look at it.

Soulflower Rose Geranium Bath Salt

for a rosy weekend 

get a grab .. 

Have you heard about Bath Salt ? At least to me, when I first came to know about it annnd set my eyes upon it .. it looked so alluring !! And bath salts from Soulflower have this distinctive aroma like all the other products. There is rose, lemon, orange, jasmine etc. Today, specially to make your weekend rocking, let's know a little more about the Rose Geranium Bath Salt. 

Rose, as we know is the colour of love and passion. It has been quite the common but the classic way to express your love. It the monarch amongst all the flowers and the colour red makes you feel elevated, thrilled and at the same time refreshed and comforting. Keeping this in mind, Rose Geranium Bath Salt has been designed for all the romantic hearts.

Benefits ?

- Taking a bath with Rose Geranium Bath Salt helps calm away your stresses and leaves you feeling as fresh as a daisy. Rose Geranium also has healing and purifying properties which is good for treating wounds and cuts.

- Dipping your hands in a bowl of warm water with Rose Geranium is the perfect manicure. It keeps the hand soft, supple and beautiful.

- Rose Geranium is also good for getting rid of cracked heels.

Now, how should you use it ?

- Add 2 cups of Rose Geranium to your bucket of warm water and then dip your feet for getting well-balanced moisture and nutrition for the skin.

- Or simply dip a towel in a tub of bath salt and warm water and place over aching muscles.

So, don't you think this bath salt can make your weekend rosy ? 


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