All about Lavender

What reminds you when you hear the name ' Lavender ' ?? Soft breeze and someone running through lush violet fields without any care about the world. Remember anyone hanging those large canvases of lavender plantations on their wall ?? It's almost like a dream and the ambiance created by the whole pale violet colour surely gives your mood an upswing. 

Lavender has been known to be a queen amongst the world of fragrances along with rose. With a much milder aroma than rose, it has been used in various beauty skincare products like perfumes, moisturizers, lotion, lipstick etc. The pale violet hue is eye soothing which in turn has upgraded the name of the colour violet to lavender and is much in vogue. Just like beauty purpose, the flower and the oil of lavender are used in medicine.

The lavender which is used in Soulflower is sourced all the way from Kashmir and is quite rare. Very recently, the lavender which had to arrive in our factory had been all washed away by the floods occurred in Kashmir. Such is the demand for this herb and we i.e., our chefs wait all the way for this lavender to arrive every time before preparing the soaps and oils. Ahh .. how can I forget ?? We have lavender flavoured candles too !

Just yesterday, packets of lavender has arrived yet again and it's time for our chefs to get on with their all pending work. Like every day, let's take a look at some of our products which solely contains lavender. Just lavender .. all by itself !!!!

the lovely, fresh smell of lavender

smell it ... 

Everyskin Lavender for your skin

Lavender Aroma Massage Oil .. 

Lavender Rosemary Aroma Massage Oil ..

It's benefits ??

Lavender is not just for show as it has loads of benefits. It's mild fragrance helps in calming down your senses and is the use of lavender is pivotal for treatment of restlessness, depression and nervousness. When you enter any spa, the quite common fragrance you get is of lavender .. at least that's what my experience says.

This herb is also applied to the skin for hair loss and also used as a mosquito and other insects repellent.

All in all, it's an ingredient of many dimensions. And as of now, our chefs are running all over and quite busy with the preparations for Everyskin Lavender Soap, Lavender Aroma Massage Oil and Lavender Rosemary Healthy Hair Aroma Massage Oil.

So, if you want freshly cooked lavender to grace your home, quickly order for them. 


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