Recipe for a good start

First of all ..  a Happy Happy New Year to you. Hope you all had a fresh start to this year. Remember, yesterday .. what we had conversed about ??? Ohh no .. you can't forget that so soon ! Now, how many of you have actually started this day with a fresh and excited mind ? Or are you still groggy-eyed and dazed after partying hard yesterday ? Yeah yeah .. I know .. New Year's and party is a mind blowing mix ! But, do those serve as the best ingredients for starting a new year ?

Partying is good but, should it affect your doings the next day ? While travelling early morning today, I wasn't surprised to find the streets empty. But, people .. wake up ! It's the first day of the year today. There should be more people on the streets - excited, happy faced, fresh faces greeting little chimes of New Year today to each other. Isn't it ? Yes, the best ingredients for the recipe of a 'fresh start' should be excitement, optimism, hard work, creativity and loads and loads of dreams.

Soulflower has a dream too ! We dream to create a place in your hearts and therefore, our chefs use the choicest and unique ingredients to cook our soaps and oils. They dig deeper experimenting with their culinary skills to make the most beautiful and creative soaps you can never imagine of ! You can actually get the smell of turmeric oozing out when you take ' Light Me Up ' soap in your hands or lavender when you apply ' Lavender Essential Oil '. Our products speak to you through those ingredients. It's like that.

star anise, turmeric, black pepper, multani mitti and sulphur

charcoal, rose petals and tulsi powder

charcoal powder

The above ingredients are quite well known. But, have you ever even thought about using them in soaps ? Soulflower uses a variety of ingredients and these are just some of them. Some of the ingredients are well-known while some of the others are rarely known.

Like Beeswax -  which is rarely heard of is good for treatment of allergies and other skin problems. Along with that Beeswax also acts as a natural moisturizer.

Frankincense helps in fading away acne, surgery marks or stretch marks or any kind of scars in your skin. It is a holy oil which has also been used in various religious ceremonies.

Geranium Oil has these anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is antiseptic by nature. It also helps in hair growth by nourishing and toning our scalp.

All in all, when you visit our website .. , you will come to know how much research goes on behind making any product. The ingredients used in our products should have some medicinal properties which mean that our products should actually be a part of your health routine. And our products would really really help you to make a fresh start to your day.


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