Aromatize your surroundings

How many of you remember to have been repulsed from anywhere you had been just because of foul odour ? I am sure, many a times. Bad odour is a big no-no ! Accept it or you have to accept the fact that people would run away from you.

Ok .. now, enough with the warnings. Let's talk about some solution. What can you do to shoo away foul odour ?? Ways are numerous. But, our suggestion is to adopt some natural ways to get rid of this. Although, various air fresheners are available in the market, they have their good share of negative effects too ! All these artificial products ... they always do come along with a tag of bad consequences. Air fresheners which can be found in the stores have these chemicals which can cause potential harm to our whole system. 

So, what is left ? You can always light aroma candles or incense sticks or scented oils. And something more ??? You all must know about 'potpourri' ?? If not, below is a little description about that.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and leaves from various flowers and plants that is used to perfume a room with a pleasant aroma. The mixture is mainly of naturally fragrant plant material and it's use is widespread in buildings and residential settings.

which are these naturally scented plants used in potpourris ??

- rose flowers, hip or oil

- jasmine flowers, oil

- orange peel

- lemon peel

- cinnamon bark

- lavender leaves and flower

- fennel seed

- cloves

Soulflower also incorporates a wide range of potpourris with aroma which is quite distinctive. From rose, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, lemongrass to strawberry - we have it all. Just wish for it and it's in your basket. And, our potpourris are natural and free from any kind of chemicals and most importantly, alcohol. Along with spreading aroma, it has also got it's benefits like Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Potpourri has this fragrance which is not overpowering but mild and helps to calm your senses before going off to sleep.

Soulflower Rose Potpourri ..

Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Potpourri ..

Soulflower Lavender Potpourri ..

How to use Soulflower Potpourri ?

- open the potpourri packet and fill the contents in any container of your choice ( preferably wooden ) and keep it in your room to spread the aroma.

- you can also punch a few holes in the potpourri bag and let the aroma spread all over.

How to refresh it ?

- add few drops of any Soulflower Essential Oil to the used potpourri, mix well and it is ready to be used again.

If you want to know more about Souflower potpourris, just take a look at ..


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