Cough & Cold ? Now, You Can Rest In Peace !

Basically, we have launched a new Super Saver Set consisting of 4 powerful and power packed essential oils to purify the air of infection causing bacteria and fungi. Now, we all know how winter brings along with it the good and the bad things. Cough and cold, chest congestion, persistent cough - are quite common in this time. Low cloud, dull and misty conditions tend to bring an increase in germs causing various illnesses. The winter months means less sunlight and colder days and longer nights.

What needs to be done is device ways to purify the air. Our new combo set i.e., Air Purifier Set Of 4 is a combination of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oils.

Soulflower Air Purifier Set Of 4

How does it work ?

Lemon Essential Oil has antiseptic properties which help to fight infections and bacteria causing cold and cough.

The menthol in peppermint oil makes it effective for treating several respiratory conditions. Peppermint oil provides instant relief from congestion and persistent coughs.

Eucalyptus Essential oil can provide considerable relief in cough, nasal congestion and other respiratory problems. It also provides relief from flu and fever.

Tea Tree has antibacterial properties and the minty aroma of this oil helps to keep cold causing bacteria at bay.

All these oils together has refreshing and rejuvenating properties. Combined use of these oils or say diffusing these oils will purify your hair and keep it germ and bacteria free.

How to use ?

-        - Take a clean cotton swab and put 2 drops each of these oils into it. Inhale to clear clogged nose and chest congestion.

-        - You can also pre-mix these oils in a separate bottle and keep for easy use.

-       -  Spray on linens and pillow covers.


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