Did you know about the Ayurvedic herb Bhringraj ?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people all around the world. The age in this case doesn't matter at all. People from all age groups be it 40-60 or just take a route down, 20-30. Yeah .. every day, actually every hour in fact our mailbox is flooded with complaints about hair loss. And did you know, the surprising fact ? The dominating population of these mails are of the males ageing from 25-30. So, it's an issue. You must have tried out n number of products to possessively hold back those tresses but on the contrary, all just went awry. Now, it's obvious to get confused when you are in desperate need of something and there are a whole array of choices right in front of your eyes. The logic is to have correct knowledge about which products to use for what. As we always say, get rid of those chemical infused artificial beauty products and go for the natural way, it's again the same thing for your hair. Amongst all our top products, we heavily recommend Bhringraj for perfect hair care. It is also one of our best sellers and highly preferred by most our customers.

Bhringraj is basically an Ayurvedic herb found in countries like India, Brazil, China and Thailand. You can say, it is a kind of medicine used for improving your scalp health as well as for other purposes. The oil contains Pure Bhringraj powder which settles down in low temperatures. Along with the powder, it also contains generous amount of Coconut and Sesame oil, Amla, Centella and Mulethi. 

This medicinal oil stimulates fresh growth of hair, controls hair fall, strengthens your hair strands, prevents premature greying, reduces dandruff to a great extent and so on. Being a cooling oil, it helps to soothe dry scalp and provides deep nourishment for your hair. The other constituents present in this oil like Coconut deep conditions your hair, Sesame is considered to have antioxidant properties and Amla nourishes the root of your hair. 

How to care for your Bhringraj Oil during winters ?

- Due to Coconut oil being present in this oil, it tends to freeze in cold weather.

- What you need to do is simply dip the bottle in lukewarm water and keep it till the oil gets back to normal.

- The oil will de-freeze in the time given.

- Blend it with essential oils like Rosemary or Lavender for better results. A generous amount of Bhringraj mixed with 4-5 drops of Rosemary or Lavender Essential Oil isenough to give you a healthier hair.

learn how to de-freeze Bhringraj Oil


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