Soft, Smooth Lips Are On It's Way !

Who doesn't wish to have the loveliest of lips ? Women in general ( count men too ) spend bucks on all sorts of lip care products. And, during winters, it increases twofold. Lips are one of the most sensitive organs of your body after eyes. Special care needs to taken of it, without doubt. Winter months suck out the moisture from your skin and facial skin is ten times thinner than the rest of your body, which is why it contains oil glands for protection. But, your lips do not contain oil glands at all. The reason why it becomes dry, chapped and even bleed sometimes during the cold season. One of the best ways to protect your lips from dryness is to drink plenty of water which will eventually keep it hydrated.

Secondly, moisturize your lips regularly to keep it soft and smooth. And, yeah .. here are few lip care tips. Hope you find it useful enough.

Jojoba Carrier Oil has been traditionally used as an ingredient in lip balms and lipstick. Now, it is such an excellent moisturizing oil, that you can even make your own lip care recipe with it.
Take a look :

make a blend of this which means you can pre-mix and keep for regular use

- Apply on your lips every night before going to sleep. This will keep your lips nicely moisturized.

scrubs away dry skin and lightens dark lips

- Blend well and apply on your lips once before bath and keep it for like half an hour. Also apply the second time in the night and wash off after 1 hour. Follow up with a bit of Jojoba Oil to keep your lips soft and supple.

Now, just a small little tip for all you lipstick lovers. Apply a bit of Jojoba Oil before putting your lipstick. This will protect your lips from the direct contact of the lipstick as well as give it the needed shine.

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