The strong bond of Lavender, Jojoba and Argan

Hello folks ! Waiting again for something interesting to hear .. right ??

Okayy .. so, today I will tell you a tale about three old friends - Lavender, Argan and Jojoba. Funny names .. right ?? Yeah. So, these three were like reaallly good friends and inseparable too. It was for a greater cause that they came across to be friends. The cause to help us humans to get rid of various issue related to hair and skin. It was one fine day when the three of them realized that they were sent to this world with some purpose. While travelling together, they realized that though mankind is powerful and can juggle with all sorts of work but, somewhere and in some places they lack and are not sure how to cope up with such issues.

Issues like hair and skin care !!! So, these three together thought .. why not help the human race so that they can function better ??

Lavender always knew about her antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. She recollected when long back, someone had taken a handful of lavender for treating acne and wrinkles. Later, she also came to know that she can also treat psoriasis and other inflammations. That's when she stood up and decided that it's time to be serious.

Jojoba, the wiser one has been a regular in the time of help regarding skin as well as hair. Everyone preferred Jojoba to be around to help relieve skin dryness, hair conditioning or applying after make-up removal. What else ? Jojoba was always around, even after bath .. for getting a smooth skin without leaving an oily residue.

Argan on the other hand was quite sought after by the ladies. You know .. how girls spend sooo much cash for getting shiny and lustrous hair. Argan always helped with that ... from preventing frizzy hair to curing split-ends and helping hair to be manageable and silky .. everything !!!! And just not this .. Argan has proved beneficial for both oily and dry skin. Used as a daily moisturizer, Argan helps the skin cells to function properly as well as regenerate.

But, they wondered .. how they together can be of use to you ??? That's when they met with one of our Soulflower chefs and tinggg !! The sun peeped from behind the clouds and everything just fell in place !! Our chef had been looking out for something of this sort taking into account the growing problems of hair and skin . Annnd .. the solution stood in the form of these three .. Lavender, Argan and Jojoba !! Extremely happy to meet each other,  they discussed about the various ways to solve such issues ... and our chef suggested that ' Let be oils made from you three '.

And that's how Soulflower Lavender Pure Essential Oil, Jojoba Pure Natural Carrier Oil and Argan Pure Natural Carrier Oil came into existence in our shelves.

immerse yourself in the beautiful smell of lavender

Jojoba Pure Natural Carrier Oil 

Argan Pure Natural Carrier Oil

Arriving in Soulflower, they were surprised to see so many others and immediately bonded with each other. Along with co-ordinating amongst each other .. i.e., the three of them .. Jojoba found out that blending with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil will reduce hair fall and also control dandruff. Argan feeling a little left behind came to know that our Bergamot Pure Essential Oil when mixed can also reduce hair fall and control dandruff. Lavender is solely responsible for treating depression and relaxing your mind but if, combined with 8 - 10 drops of Jojoba Pure Natural Carrier Oil in your bath water gives better results in relaxing you mind, body and soul.

And just like this, they have remained together till now and working wonders. So, if you want to test their bond of friendship, then just take a look at this .. 


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