Soap Cutting is no ordinary job !!!

Hello people !!! Hope you are having a great day ? Well, the same for me as well. Now, what all reasons combined together can stimulate a day to be good ? Appreciation, a little meet - up with success, positive thoughts and well .. you can add your own. Just in two words .. anything positive !! Weird reasons count too and today I will be talking about such a thing which is weird but, in a good way as well as exciting.

Roaming around Soulflower, the surroundings will never fail to enthral you provided you are a keen observer. You will find something new every day and if you are minutely looking into, then you may also be rewarded every few minutes. Things happen beyond our imagination and that is where creativity takes birth. Slogging with our everyday routine, who would have imagined that so much thought can be invested on mundane commodities like oils, soaps, candles when we are using those daily. A soap enters our bathroom and all it's memories are washed away with water and the same practice continues for days, years and months. But, once you come to Soulflower, you will realize that- Yes, a soap is beautiful and colourful. Soaps can have a whole kitchen designed just for them. Oils can be stored in attractive bottles and can also have exhilarating aroma !

Coming to today's story - it's about soap cutting !! Can it be such a topic to be talked about ? Why not ? In Soulflower, it can be. here, you can turn the mundane into something extraordinary. Well, enough with the introduction part now !! Let's take a look at some photographs.

Soap cutting process ..

big bar of Orange Carrot Detox soap ..

soaps being arranged in individual trays ..

Soap cutting somehow reminds me of those big loaves of bread just waiting to be cut. In this case, it's called long bars of soap which are cut in small rectangular pieces and transferred in individual trays. If you remember, I also had shared a story about those soap trays. Beautifully coloured soaps, arranged in different trays looks just like those delicious looking candies in a candy store. Now who would love to treat their eyes with such a view ?? Every day hundreds of soap pieces are cut and arranged in our kitchen just in the same way. But, you know what .. although the work may seem monotonous, it's not. Our chefs absolutely love doing it and thoroughly enjoy the process.

So, join with us to go through this creative and soul enriching journey and trust me ! you won't regret it !


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