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What are you wondering ??? No, I am not talking about any new experiment or any new arrival today but of something old which I still haven't talked about. Now, you must be aware of how diversified we are. It's like a sky full of different birds, clouds, sun, moon and the stars. You can spread your wings and soar high with us and experience the beauty which changes every moment.

Today, let's take a look at our range of ceramics. Mainly diffusers. Ah, c'mon now !! Don't look so surprised. We are a brand with the concept of Spa @ home. So, what else do you expect ? We sleep, breathe, talk and eat aroma. So, just keep on listening to our endless chatter about it.

Soulflower provides a surface to different types of diffusers which are sold single or you can find them in our sets. Diffusion is the process of distributing essential oils so that the aroma fills a room or an area with their natural fragrance. Although different methods exist, the use of ceramic diffusers certainly creates an ambiance in your room. They look sophisticated and add to the aesthetic essence too. We use natural thai clay that has high HRA ( heat retaining property ), which means that our diffusers are stronger, doesn't discolour and also do not absorb aromas. In addition, they are heavier and thicker, thus can withstand more heat. Therefore, you can use them for a longer time.

Now, take a look at our Soulflower Buddha Electric Diffuser with Bulb. 

Soulfower Buddha Electric Diffuser with Bulb 

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you can use it as a night bulb too with amazing light effects 

How to use it  ?

Pour water after removing the cap of the diffuser and then put few drops of any essential oil from Soulflower. Then, just put on the switch.

The aroma lasts quite long .. say 2 days depending on the water level. You can keep it in your washroom and use any essential oil of your choice to create the aroma.

Also, other than using essential oil you can also use it as a night lamp as it creates a very beautiful lighting effect.

Just one more tip for you - light various aromatic candles along with it to get that mind blowing blend of fragrances.


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