How pure are we ? Want to know ? Then just read below ..

As, I have told you before, that Soulflower maintains a huge collection of oils - carrier oils, essential oils and massage oils. Within the years, Soulflower has been devoted to yielding these oils in their purest and most natural form. Carrier Oils from Soulflower are natural and have been extracted by the purest process known i.e., cold pressing. Cold pressing as is known basically involves heavy granite mill stones or modern stainless steel in their way of extracting oils from fresh vegetables, fruits or herbs. Soulflower is known for using the freshest of ingredients as stale or frozen herbs or fruits would decay the quality of our products which is our main concern.

A little about Carrier Oils - it's a vegetable oil mainly derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds or nuts. Carrier Oils are basically used to dilute essential oils prior to application. Soulflower Carrier Oils are silicon free and is therefore, absolutely different from the moisturizers we use daily. As a result, the oil gets actually absorbed into the skin rather than just creating an artificial shine on your skin.

Soulflower Rosehip Oil comes in a brown coloured bottle. The reason for the colour of the bottle to be brown is to mainly limit the amount of direct light reaching the oil as it can deteriorate it's quality. The colour of the oil appears pale yellow when put in a bottle. But, when you take it in your hand, there is no colour which means it's transparent. Also, the colour of the oil may vary from season to season.

Therefore, be assured about our products which are 100 % pure without any doubt. Here are some photographs which will clear your confusion completely.

Soulflower Rosehip Pure Natural Carrier Oil

the colour of the oil when put in a bottle

the colour of the oil when taken in hand ..

and it's colourless

We hope that some of your confusion has been cleared and for any further questions, please let us know. As always, we are always ready to assist you.


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