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Since last few weeks, I had talked all about soaps, soaps and only soaps. But, you know what ? Soulflower soaps are irresistible ! Once you get the hang, it's very difficult to come out of the attraction of those Oh-So-Colourful soaps !! The variety, the colours, the aroma - all of it can't make you stand at one place. Truly !!

But, as you must know that ' the mother of excess is not joy, but, joylessness '. So, we will take a different route for the same destination today. As you probably know that Soulflower also maintains a huge assembly of oils like - carrier oils, massage oils and essential oils. Within the years, Soulflower has been devoted to yielding these oils in their most purest and natural form. Just like the soaps, the oils too have medicinal properties and have been completely curated keeping in mind the standards of your healthy lifestyle.

Amongst such a variety of oils with varied benefits, it becomes quite hard to handpick just a particular one and showcase in front of you. The carrier oils from Soulflower are natural and have been extracted by the purest process known i.e., cold pressing. Basically, heavy granite mill stones or modern stainless steel is used in the process of grinding and it's done in the most natural way. Now, why should you use carrier oils when you can use creams instead ?

Because .. it is free from silicon other than the creams which we use daily. As a result, applying this on your skin would be really really effective. The oil gets actually absorbed into the skin rather than just showing any artificial shine.

One such is the Pomegranate Pure Natural Carrier Oil. Pomegranate Pure Natural Carrier Oil has moisturizing and conditioning properties. It is also good for improving skin elasticity and also reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Using this oil also gives amazing results for people suffering from eczema (skin disease ), psoriasis, dry and itchy skin. Like I mentioned earlier that oils from Soulflower have these various uses - a good massage with this oil reduces swelling and also eases muscular aches and pains. Pomegranate as an ingredient is as good for your hair as your skin. Intake of this fruit also increases blood count in your system.

Soulflower Pomegranate Pure Natural Carrier Oil

Pomegranate as the main ingredient ..

get a grab of this .. quickkk !!! 

juicy, pulpy pomegranates ..

How to use Carrier Oil ?

- With 6 to 8 drops of Pomegranate Carrier Oil, mix 2-3 drops of any essential oil depending upon your skin or hair problems. For eg : you can add Tea Tree Essential Oil with Pomegranate Oil to nourish, moisturize and improve skin elasticity.

-  Pomegranate Carrier Oil can also be applied directly to your skin and hair.

-  It can also be blended with other carrier oils for natural hair and skincare.

-  By blending few drops of Soulflower Essential Oil directly into the bottle of carrier oil you can use it as a spray.

Now, you must have got some idea as in how our carrier oils work ? So, if you are still in your soap dream, then just come out of that. Keep track of our blog as we have many more things to offer !!! We can never rest in peace until we come up with something new and then we go back to inventing again. So, just be with us and your doorstep will always be full of surprises.


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