India - the land of colour and spices

The name says it all, isn't it ?? Do I need to write anything more than this ?? Well, when I am at it, why not elaborate a bit. First of all, Soulflower family wishes you a Happy 65th Republic Day. India is a unique blend of people and cultures.  With 29 states, 7 union territories and one national capital region India is a mixed bag of so many languages, costumes and delicacies. 

On this occasion of Republic Day, our Soulflower family has tried to bring in front of you, the essence of India. Spices are the kingpin of our Indian kitchens all over the country. There are some common spices which can be found in every household and some which are distinctive to every state. And the aroma and colours are unparallel !!! 

Soulflower is all about these various ingredients, spices, vegetable and fruits. Using our products, you could get a glimpse of India every now and then. From the freshest vegetables to the richest of spices our kitchen looks like a medley of everything Indian.

Soulflower wishes you a Happy Republic Day


be it in your kitchen or ours, together they make the whole of India and us, Indians !

So, let us all say cheers to a better India and exciting new products from Soulflower.

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