A dash of lemon - for your skin

Lemon, as we know boasts of it's age-old medicinal properties. For skin, hair, dental care - everywhere it did make a firm place. It looks small but, it's hold is strong all over. Till now, I have talked about how lemon along with other ingredients is infused in soaps. But, Soulflower puts forward in front of you a pure essential oil which contains just lemon. Yes ! Lemon as the sole ingredient of this pure essential oil. Imagine, how effective it can be ! Previously, I did speak about the various good qualities of lemon. So, I wouldn't elaborate much on it. Before moving on with today's topic, it is very important for you to know a little about essential oils and it's uses.

Essential Oils are basically the 'essence' or the 'extract' of the plant's fragrance. Generally extracted by distillation, there are other processes too with which the juices can be extracted. Although, these essential oils are mostly used in perfumes, soaps and other such beauty products, they have also been used medicinally. The way one can use essential oils is abundant. It's effect is stronger than many other oils and therefore, is used in limited quantities like say 2-3 drops. Like I mentioned, that essential oils have been used for medical purposes which shows that they have medicinal properties. Now, it's quite obvious as these oils are extracted from herbs, fruits and vegetables which we use for homemade treatment.

Soulflower Pure Lemon Essential Oil

for lemons .. go ahead .. this is the way ..

Coming back to our talk about lemons, we do know how lemon is effective for a multitude of purposes. Soulflower's Lemon Essential Oil goes the same way with it's wide variety of good qualities and uses.

Talk about the aroma !! With it's purifying citrus scent, Lemon Essential Oil is one of the most fragrant oils amongst all. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and feels amazingly refreshing.

Ask about the benefits now ?

- It refreshes and stimulates the mind

- Also improves memory

- Promotes sense of well-being

- Strengthens nails

- Acts as an insect repellent

And it's uses ???? Now, here comes one of the most exciting part ! Essential Oil as I mentioned before has got a variety of uses.

You can use it while taking bath. Or apply it for nail and cuticle care. But, do not forget to mix it with 2 drops of Jojoba Carrier Oil for best results. Also, you can use it with diffusers. Just pour 2-3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil into water and light a candle inside the diffuser. Breathtaking aroma guaranteed !!!!


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