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Today, I will write nothing about our products....surprising, isn't it ?? is not. Story telling is such a thing wherein the path can take a different turn all of a sudden. The unpredictability is what makes the story more viable. Till now, it always has been about our myriads of products but, how many of you know what Soulflower is all about ? Well, allow me to spread some light on it.

Soulflower is not only about handmade products, but, it's a lifestyle. Remember, as kids, how we used to position our toys in our room or scribble something on the wall which only we could understand ? That's called a lifestyle. Always follow children. They set the best instances of how a life should be led. Kids have their own way of living and they will create a whole surrounding which will reflect their mindset. They have what you call - their own lifestyle. That is how Soulflower is. One who has inculcated the habit of using our products would know that it's not only about using but, the passion being put on making every product to the amount of effort taken for safely delivering them at your doorstep.

The good news is that Soulflower has reached more than 600 + towns in the recent times. That is what we wanted .. all this time - to reach every bend, every corner in India. And we reached. And we will not stop as we have to create a place in everyone's heart. As, I have mentioned in almost every post how our products are given the whole handmade treatment , and they are made from the purest and freshest ingredients and it's all about the concept Spa@home. But, the surprising fact is that even people who are far away have come in touch with our products and they actually love using them. 

Let me introduce you to some of these towns which are scattered all over India and we have been successful in catering to their needs.

Didwana : A town in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan which is thought to be more than 5000 years old and with a population of about 53,300 is quite famous for it's Hindu traditional culture and philosophy. The town is also historically known for the Fort Mosque ( Quila Mosque ) built by The Great Emperor Akbar in the memory of Sufi Saint. The one thing to be mentioned here is that this town is that it lies in the Thar Desert.

Tura : A hilly town and a municipality in West Garo Hills district in the state of Meghalaya. Mainly a tourist attraction with many waterfalls and streams, the population is up to 58,400.

Doom Dooma : With a rich history Doom Dooma is a Town Committee in the district of Tinsukia, Assam. The population is just 21, 572. The reason for a rich historical background is because it has it's name written in the pages of Mahabharata as, the Doom Dooma river which flows through the heart of the city is mentioned as the drain connected to the bathroom of the mighty Bhima.

Jagraon : It's a city and a sub-division of the Ludiana district in the state of Punjab. Jagraon is located at almost the geographical center of Punjab state, only 16 kms away from the River Satluj. With a population of about 60,000, it is also an important religious center for Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims as well as Jains.

Birati : A neighbourhood in the North Dumdum municipality area, in the North 24 Parganas district in the state of West Bengal is well enriched with educationists and educational institutions. The logic behind the emergence of the name ' Birati ' is due to the military forces who used to rest in this place during their movements. The place was named ' biroti ' which means rest in Bengali and thus the name ' Birati '

Babasa : Babasa is a village panchayat located in the Etah district of Uttar Pradesh. The population is unimaginable i.e., just 5198. The educational system is developing and the concept of ' pathshalas ' are still ruling there. Babasa people use Hindi and Urdu for communication. the district of Etah of which Babasa is a part is mainly dominated by the Yadavs and Rajputs.

Barabanki : Situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the city is about 29 km east of Lucknow - it's capital. Barabanki is known to have produced some well known personalities like Naseeruddin Shah, Khumar Barabankvi, Rafi Ahmed Khidwai and many more.

Aluva : Located on the River Periyar, Aluva is a suburb of Kochi in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. Evidence of settlements as far back as 250 BC has been found in Aluva by the archaeologists. 

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Imagine !!! Soulflower has a product line for all customers irrespective of whether they are from Himalaya or from Kannyakumari. We have given that much needed thought about designing our products so that they prove beneficial for customers coming from varied climate regions.

As for any place or area in general, we have taken that extra mile to get our products delivered using the courier services like India Post, Angadia services etc. They love to use our products and we always are keen to experiment further as we also have customized set of products for all our customers. Our customers aspire to use our products and we love to fulfill their aspirations.

A lot of thought has also been given to our packaging, so, that our products reach your hand safely. Above listed are some of those towns just to give you an insight of our reach. There are many more towns like these where we have reached and some of them have even promoted themselves to be our regular customers. 

Also, do visit our website for detailed information on our products :


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