Give your feet some rest - just sit back and relax !!

With the Marathon taken place last Sunday, Mumbai is still on the run. The following Monday being a weekday, participants from the Marathon didn't get the chance to sit back and relax. The week is still on and Mumbaikars with their high spirit is still carrying on with their daily schedule without any I right ??? But, treating your feet which makes you move around is so much necessary. They should be given the needed rest.

While working, whether at home or outside, there is a time when we may be standing on our feet for a long time. Although, standing while working is supposed to be a lot better than sitting, it holds a number of hazards as well. Individuals spending most of the day on their feet are at greater risk of health problems including poor circulation and swelling in the feet and legs, joint damage, heart and circulatory problems and pregnancy difficulties. There is also a recurring pain in the calf muscles and we tend to ignore thinking it will go away soon. But, no .. it's not like that. It shows a painful picture of our future when there will be problems such as frozen muscles or paralysis or may be the inability to move our muscles on our own. Blood clotting can also be counted amongst the problems which may occur due to prolonged standing.

Now let me introduce to you our kind of treatment for giving your feet some rest !!

Soulflower Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Aroma Massage Oil

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This Tea Tree Foot Reflexology Massage Oil from Soulflower enhances the body's natural healing process, improves blood circulation and removes toxins from our body by working gently to bring relief directly to the area of the body where stress and tension is accumulated.

Ingredients ??

Tea Tree which has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

Lemon relaxes and refreshes tired, exhausted feet and provide a soothing effect from pain.

Jojoba, Olive and Rice Bran Oil stimulates blood circulation and improve the circulatory and toxic removal system of the body.

Vitamin E easily permeates into the skin leaving it radiant and healthy from the inside.

How to use ??

- Massage gently to your feet to reduce pain and tension

- Remember to put on socks after you complete the massage till most of the oil is absorbed by your skin.

- Massage gently to alleviate fatigue and tension in your legs.

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