A pinch of turmeric

I have always loved the colour of turmeric, more so because of the brightness and it's ability to dominate any dish with just a pinch of it. Along with adding taste to your food, it has it's wide share of advantages too.

- immunity booster

- anti-oxidant

- anti-inflammatory

- protects against certain liver diseases

- prevents the development of Type 2 diabetes

- reduces the incidence of obesity-related diseases

- treats sprains and swellings

- improves Rheumatoid Arthritis

These many benefits ! Of just a pinch !

Turmeric is used in many of our Soulflower products mainly soaps and oils. Here are some of our products which contain turmeric:

Now, just take a look at our Soulflower Pure Turmeric Essential Oil.

Soulflower Pure Turmeric Essential Oil

get a grab of this .. 

Essential Oils from Soulflower have a multitude of uses. You can add just 2-3 drops in your shampoo, conditioners or hair oils and massage gently on your scalp.

- It can also be added to the warm water before taking bath to have a soothing effect on skin

- Turmeric Essential Oil can also be blended with other massage oils or with creams and lotions for respiratory ailments and treating skin infections

-  Add 5-10 drops of Turmeric Essential Oil to cups of water and you can use it to spray for cleaning and freshening purposes

- It can also be added to a vaporizer to loosen chest congestion and reduce symptoms of cold and flu

If you want to adorn turmeric in places other than your kitchen then just get a grab of our Soulflower Pure Turmeric Essential Oil .. http://www.soulflower.biz/p-299-soulflower-turmeric-essential-oil.aspx#About


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