Sealed with love - FROM SOULFLOWER !!

' The most interesting thing about a postage stamp is the persistence with which it sticks to it's job '. Isn't it ? Leave aside, postage stamps - talk about stamps in general ! Once a stamp is on you, it would never leave you alone till all the work is done. Stamping is very much necessary for say - everything. Letters, certificates, dress, accessories etc. etc. etc. It gives you an identity, so that you are not taken away. If you also remember, how we used to hate wearing identity cards in school ? It used to tag all along the whole day till we reached home.

collection of stamps ..

the concept of wax seal ..

But, our Soulflower stamps would quite spring up your interest. Ask why ? Just simple .. although, it sticks to the soap, still it looks beautiful. Yes, beautiful is the word. Just like everything here is handmade, even our soaps are sealed with our logo just like in the traditional way. The red wax which was used to seal the envelopes would all be done without the use of machines. And there were hundreds and thousands of them. Our Soulflower soaps are sealed just in the same way sans the wax obviously; but yeah ... it's all natural to the core. So, just imagine taking the Soulflower soap in your hand when it reaches you and all the processes it has gone through before getting a place at your home ?

stamping tools ..

stamping tools ..

the process of stamping ..

the after effects ..

the process of stamping again ..

aannnd ... stamping done !!!

Above shown are the stamping process of some of our products, mainly soaps. While the essential oils, aroma massage oils, bath salts do have a logo which is put outside the bottle of the same. The soaps go through a stamping process where both the sides are stamped.

You must be wondering, why I am stressing so much on stamping ? So, let me explain you a little bit more .. what do you first look for before buying any product ? The look of the product, how it is packed, whether it's damaged or not and also whether the logo is proper. While looking at the logo, doesn't an unique logo appeals to your sight ? I am sure, it does ! Soulflower logo is unique in it's own way and also it would help you to identify our products. Our products are sealed with our hard work, passion, dedication and love. So, I am sure .. even you would feel like getting hold of them again and again !!


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