Secret Santa - The Magical Offer !!!

Winter is a season of colours and cold, warm blankets and sleep, cup of hot chocolate or coffee; and what else ? Christmas and OFFERS ! With Christmas arrives it's various goodies - exchanging cookies, cakes and gifts.

So, Soulflower with it's seasonal offers have yet again come up with a magical offer for you. It's the Secret Santa offer and it's magical. Secret Santa is a western tradition which is very much prevalent there in every household. During Christmas, it's a common yet traditional game where it is played amongst a group of close people.

What the game is all about ?

Ok. So, there is this group of friends planning out for Secret Santa in Christmas. You need to write everyone's name in small chits of paper separately along with some of their characteristics. Then the chits need to be shuffled in a bowl. After the shuffling, everyone needs to pick up one chit for themselves and the next step is to buy gift for that person or friend whose name had been on the chit. The giver should remain anonymous and should not be recognized by the recipient. In this way, it offers a way for many people to give and receive gifts at low cost.

Secret Santa Vouchers ...

The same concept has been adopted by us with little tweaking. Here it goes, how it works !

If you buy a Rs. 1000 voucher from us and gift it to your friend, then he/she can buy anything of choice from Soulflower. In return, you are going to earn soul points which is like - for eg : if you buy something of 100 then, you would earn 4 soul points in total. So, if you buy a voucher of Rs. 1000, then you would earn 40 soul points. As your soul points increase, they will be beneficial for you and you can buy goodies from Soulflower just for youself.

Secret Santa ! How it works !

So, now that you know about the whole hubhub about our magical offer, hurry up till the offer is available. Oh .. and it is valid from tomorrow until 26th midnight. C'mon ! Santa is waiting with his large red bag full of Soulflower goodies !


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