A handmade New Year - Eat, Pray, Love and Stay Fresh

You have heard about handmade products and why not !! We anyways keep on talking about it so much after all. But, how about a handmade New Year ? Haven't thought about it, right ? Quite obvious .. isn't it ?

How can a year be handmade ? But, yes .. that's what it is. We are responsible for our own behaviour and whatever we do every day is that .. We. Do.It.

- We work hard
- We fall in love
- We do something good
- We develop new friendships

........aaaannd, the list goes on. Now you know, why a year is handmade ? Beacuse, we do everything on our own. And, no one esle can do it for us.

Fresh, Natural and Soulflowery New Year to you ...

more and more fresh fruits for your skin ..

the number of resolutions ... the number of soaps 

So, to have a really good handmade New Year, you need to make those always-meant-to-be-broken resolutions. But, there should be a difference. You should abide by what you promise to yourself.
Now, here are some handmade resolutions from Soulflower for a fresh, natural and organic New Year.

Firstly, curtail using artificial products for your hair and skin. Taking care of your hair and skin is a part of your health. So, don't ignore it.

Now, along with throwing all your chemically creams and cleansers into the trash, take in more and more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh, breathe fresh and take in more fresh air. Seasonal fruits should be a part of your diet everyday like oranges for this season.

Exercise. Every day. Very very important. For a fresh start to the coming year and each day of the year. So, all the couch potatoes, shake yourself up and get going.

Annnd, what about our resolutions ??? Well, we ain't sitting idle either. There is a constant change in our designs, creations, blends. That is our resolution that we will keep on changing for the good.  And, you keep on using Soulflower products because we are always experimenting, updating and coming up with new products so, that each face we look at should glow bright and say ' Thank You Souflower, it's all because of you '.


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