First day at work - story from an intern

So, today is my first day at Soulflower and I. Am. All. Excited. 
Innumerable questions are playing in my mind and I enter the office and WHOA !! 

It's so pretty !!

Upon entering Soulflower, what first strikes you is the decor of the place. You will immediately understand that you have entered into a den of creativity. The entrance is dimly lit which instantly reminded me of The Leaky Cauldron ( obviously, if you have read Harry Potter ) with unusual paintings hanging on the wall and a very worn out, rustic feel really creates an ambiance for the first-timers. I have never seen lighting used so creatively in an office !!! Like really !!!! Each and every object screams just one thing - CREATIVITY !! Soulflower nurtures, evokes and feeds creativity.  The products are handmade and natural in Soulflower and that's what I saw when I first entered.  There are these four posters which show you what Soulflower is all about i.e., natural, organic, eco-friendly products.

Okay... I know, talking doesn't serve the purpose. Not at all. So here are few photographs which should do most of the talking. 

The first thing which caught my attention after entering Soulflower. 
Isn't it interesting ???


         A doll in an office !!! Well, she is the Soulflower  girl - the lucky mascot.         

                 Stairway to work !!! Just climb the stairs, open the door and find the office staff there..       

Calms down your brain while working too !!!!! 
It's the room where all designs take birth... Yes, it's the designers' room.

A big fight between the Soulflower girls. 

And now it's time to say sorry and patch up !

Oh yes ! They are soaps !! Don't you think taking bath would be much more interesting now ??? 

Beware !!! You are trespassing !!!


door handles !! 

I had always heard that an environment is very much necessary and more important is creating that environment for the desired results. Soulflower is exactly that. It's like those beautiful places where a stream flows by with birds chirping nearby on a tree and you sit with your canvas and paint on it. Each and everything in the surrounding provides some food for your thoughts. And it is the same in Soulflower where even the door handles makes you stop and think - " Oh, so it can be like this also ".



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