freshly baked SOAPS - just for you !!!!

Hello people !!

Did you have a good day ?? If not, then give me the pleasure to make it brilliant for you. You have heard about freshly baked cakes right from the oven. But soaps ? Can soaps be freshly baked ? Very much, yes ! And, our soap chefs are working day and night to present those colorful and delightful soaps in front of you. Why ? Just to make you happy and your happiness counts a looottt for us.

 Making a soap in Soulflower is just like baking a cake. I am sure, everyone likes cakes ? Well, some may not. But, you can never resist a Soulflower soap. Talk about aroma - have you ever taken in the aroma of a bakery in the morning ? Yes, it's just the same but, with the aroma of soaps. So many varieties of soaps !!

Soulflower, as you all know makes natural and organic products. It's more like a kitchen wherein you will find all the ingredients and concoctions for making soaps. The unique and natural process of soap making helps to retain it's originality. Because, Soulflower soap is no ordinary soap. We all are keen to know what the recipe is or what ingredients are to prepare any dish. So, how about knowing a little bit about these products before they are delivered to you ?

Well, why not take a peek into what has been going on in our factory ? Here's some for you.

freshly baked soaps .. !!!!

the drying process ..

chocolates, cakes ??? nah .. soaps !!

out of the box ...

packing process ..

packing with love and soul ..

Also, with the GOSF winter sale going on, our products have been dispatched as per the orders placed. And it's just a day left. So, people .. hurry up !! If you have not yet ordered for our Soulflower soap then waste no time. Order just with a click and have it waiting at your doorstep.


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