We believe, so you believe !

Every relationship is based on faith. It can be any and is not limited to just relationships within the family or amongst friends.  What about a customer's relationship with any specific brand ? Again, it's all about faith. The natural tendency of people is to identify a good brand and stay attached with it. The attachment and the relationship grows with the originality and consistency maintained in yielding the best products. Every time ! If you notice minutely, you would find very few people hopping from one brand to the other too often.

At Soulflower, many of you have been a part of our family since a long time. You love our products, buy, use and also help us improve. An old customer is like old wine that grows wise with time. They are not only mere buyers but, also help us enhance for the good. Some of you share that same relationship with us. You have helped us with your suggestions and we were really really happy to improve. You have grown up with us and us along with you. A very long way indeed ! It might sound like an overused sentence but, that's our constant message to everyone out there that we use the freshest of herbs and ingredients for preparing our products. 

a pile of food .. for your skin .. 

Imagine the wide range of our products and the variety of ingredients used. Very simple ingredients which is a must have in your food every day. Yes, combining the simplest of elements we come out with colourful and beautiful products just for you. And, we are always experimenting and creating new products with some of the most unique ingredients. Just hear about our ingredients - you will be surprised ! Jasmine, chocolates, strawberry, sandalwood, avocado and what not ?  While creating any soap, essential oil etc. .. the first thought which comes to our mind is " Are we happy with the soap made ? " If it's an yes, then it's our belief that even you would love it.  It's this belief which keeps our passion on toes. Yes, serving you is our passion and we extremely enjoy doing that.

Soulflower class !! Lectures taken on ingredients !!

you are in a garden ...

You would also be surprised reading about this. There are also people who keep a hoard of our products say soaps .... and you know that our soaps are so very colourful ! Who wouldn't want to keep a stock of those ? Forget using, they are sure to attract any and every one who happens to visit your home. So, they keep a hoard and choose which one to use every day. Yes, and it keeps on changing depending on the colour !!!!! Taking a bath is an every day, monotonous work. But, we try to make it interesting for you so that, you can enjoy the "me time" in bath too and that also with our soaps !! Therefore, it can be said that our efforts bear fruit when our products create such a stir in your mind !! 

that's how our hoard of soaps look like ...

Our soap chefs love doing the work. After all, they are always around chocolates, cocoa butter, milk, lemon, oranges, apples, banana, strawberry and the list is endless. We design products which sometimes surpasses our imagination and our expression is like " Oh My God !! This looks so beautiful !! Did we really make this ? " But, yeah ... that's the truth .. we made this. We always try to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. So, even a routine task would excite you every day. With this belief we go ahead. It is this belief that we are dedicated to our customers and therefore, our customers would surely believe in us.


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