Energizing your week !!

Let me start by saying this that those of you who shudder at the thought of starting a whole new week to work or suffer from the common disease 'Monday Blues', then this post is just apt for you.  Before moving on with my post, I hope my previous post did make your weekend much better than before ?  In the last post, I had written about relaxation. But, today it's all about resuming you work. It's start of the week, and Monday is almost over. So,everyone is busy with work and with the mounting pressures; it is not easy to do it all at once. Pending work will always latch on to you.

And ....

After such a beautiful Sunday, it feels horrible to get back to work again. But, we need to make it better so, just for us to produce the best throughout the week and back to relaxing on weekends. For the working population, it is not easy to take some days off, go for a vacation and rejuvenate yourself. Although, it should be recommended but, only lucky few get to really experience that. So, rather than ruminating, why not get together make this week and every week better ?

Monday blues !!

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when life gives you lemons .. make lemonade !!!

So, let's start in this way. When you return from a very tiring work, what do you most crave for ? Water !! And what about lemon water with sugar and salt ? Lemon drink helps you to stay calm and cool. So, lemon can mainly be called as a cleanser as it flushes out toxins from your body. As lemon juice contains citric acid, it is recommended to dilute the juice with water

 So, Soulflower with it's creative mind has come up with an energy oil for your engines. It's the Energy Essential Oil blend. And your guess is correct - the main ingredient is lemon, rosemary, orange and peppermint.

Energy Essential Oil.

Energy Essential Oil is a combination of four different essential oils .

Lemon Essential Oil  -  It is energizing and increases concentration. Also it helps fight off anxiety, depression and exhaustion.

Orange Essential Oil  -  Relieves stress, uplifts properties and also fights off anxiety.

Rosemary Essential Oil  -  Has pronounced action on the brain. Wonderful for energizing and uplifting the mind. Also helps in enhancing memory.

Peppermint Essential Oil  -  Stimulates the tired mind, enables you to focus and concentrate.

This is a powerful blend which not only lifts your spirits but a special massage with them once a day will revitalize and replenish all your energy. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and so, it is recommended to dilute it with any Soulflower carrier oil, such as olive, jojoba, hazelnut, avocado etc. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a spoon of your chosen carrier oil and blend well. And remember not to use directly on skin and consult your physician before use of this product.

you can apply it with skincare lotion or mix it with any carrier oil
like jojoba, olive, avocado etc.

How to store Essential oils ?

A very very important point. Store it in the original bottle and it would last long if the lid is properly closed and the bottle is stored in a cool place away from light, heat and damp conditions. The important fact here is not only to use the oil but, use it well so that it is effective.

As always, it will be our concern whether our products are serving not only a purpose, but a good one. Cheers to you for a great start to this week. Stay happy ! Stay calm !


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