Behind the scenes - snippets from Soulflower sales meet

Hello everyone out there !
Do you think being a skin and hair care expert is that easy ???

Well, then you should have been a part of today's sales meet at Soulflower.

We, at Soulflower always want our customers to be happy and therefore we are trying hard to make things easy for you. Training our team is a must for that so, that they can serve you better. And you return from our store with a bagful of Soulflower products and a big smile on your face.

And yeah .... fun was a patent element of the meeting as it has always been in Soulflower. The sales team consists of mostly young people and what better than learning at a young age ? It is always useful. They were keen to learn more and some exhibited really good knowledge about our products which is quite unusual.  

So, below are some captures from today ..

More suggestions for you .. which means easier for you to choose the products !!

Yes, we are all experts in Soulflower products !! Quiz time !!!

Do you know that free testing is available in all Soulflower stores ??? Then, next time you visit, please do not forget to try on some interesting stuff !!!!

Aren't they colourful ???

Product Information leaflets....again an easy way for you to choose our products !!

Meetings can be fun too !!!!

Before ending the meeting, our interns had also prepared for a fun quiz just to test their knowledge about  Soulflower products.  Hearing about a quiz, the people got really really scared .. !

But, didn't I mention fun ??? Yes, it was a fun quiz and the sales team finally passed with flying colours.
So, a happy day for the sales team and a happy day for us.

And a happy day to you !!!!


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