Soulflower and our pets !!!!

Soulflower just loves animals !!! And you would find that as soon as you enter our den. Oh, or should it be .. their den ? Many brands  .. still now practice animal testing. But, it's the other way round here. Here animals test on us. They are a part of our Soulflower family. It's their home and we make sure of all of their comforts. They are pampered and cared for and they almost know how to behave like us. Surprising !! But, true.

Soulflower also has quite a number of foster pets - cats, dogs and they are also given the freedom to be themselves rather than barricading them indoors. In this way, they get the liberty to roam around, play and also develop bonding with the people here.  The cats Butter, Koala, Coffee, Panda, Angel and Grey are residents in our office and they are together like a house on fire. Fighting, eating, sleeping - they really know how to enjoy. And yeah ... they work with us too !!

Butter keeping a keen eye ...

Kola .. in a scrutinizing mood 

Panda ... at work !!

Well .. it's raining all cats and dogs here. Literally !! While the cats purr in the office, our dogs are the kings of our factory. They get around the whole place and also pose for photographs. But, the posing depends a lot on their moods. Never ever try clicking during their afternoon nap !!!!
Because, it's almost equal to animal testing. And, they like us .. require their sleep, food and other needs just on time. So, a little tip from us .. love animals, but, never take them for granted just because they don't speak.

Baby .. posing shyly !!

Now from this ... what can you make out ?

thaaaat ... animals hold a special place in Soulflower family. They are dear to us.

aaannd ... we are against any kind of animal exploitation for promoting our products like in many companies where this kind of practice is still prevalent.

also ..  we are against animal testing. This means, that we never ever experiment or test our products on animals prior to your use.

and a very very important point ......

We believe that animals have their own needs and they have their own rights which should be bestowed upon them as they are a part of nature just like us.

So, love animals. They will prove to be your bestest friends for a lifetime.


  1. Superb! I love your products, always bought them, but never knew or tried to know you guys better.

    Love you more now! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey ! Thanks Komal and K Kashalikar ! :)


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