All that glitters is .. Natural !!

' Be natural ' is the motto of Soulflower and we abide by it. We use the freshest of ingredients to prepare our products. Be it our soaps, oils, moisturizers or simple incense sticks. Also, the ingredients used are never a day old or more. So, you would always find that goodness in our products. Today, I happened to be in the market for some ingredient shopping. To tell the truth, it is not an easy task. Buying anything, in general is not easy. You need to be finicky or else you will be loaded with all the defective items from the slot. New batch of soaps are being cooked in our kitchen and so, the right ingredients are necessary on the table.

Soulflower believes in this thing. Perfection. But, is it only for us ? No. It is not. We are here because of you and therefore, our doing should be so perfect that you will feel it when you take our products in your hand. Our craze for being natural constantly prods us to work from the scratch. The ingredients should be fresh and it doesn't matter even if there is travelling involved with it. Also, fresh products are good for your hair and skin which is our prime concern. Our products have this homemade feel which generally people since ancient days crave for. So, can you believe going to a vegetable and fruit market for cooking soaps ? But, here .. we do that and it is just like cooking your favourite recipe.

The market place is always an interesting sight and especially the morning ones. It's colourful, vibrant and full of characters. For those of you who do not know, India is one country which is a hub of innumerable spices, vegetables and the purest essential oils. You can get lost in an Indian market just walking around.

freshly pruned peppermint leaves !

bananas on the roll !! 
this fruit is known to be good for skin and is a must in our Soulflower kitchen !

I felt as if I was shopping for my kitchen. Most of the times, it happens that we don't tend to look closely at the fruits or vegetables we are buying. Though it is necessary but it is our common nature to ignore. It is surprising to a great extent that how much we can ignore. I almost had to scan the markets looking out for those items which had the least bit of fault. Like, just for the best apples - I had to check out 3 or 4 places where they were selling apples. Do we normally think in this way while buying fruits and vegetables every day ? Well, there are lots of people who are quite good at it due to which the food tastes good. 

early morning arrangements ..

Soulflower does the same for you. Our products are hand-picked, carefully tested and made. From the scratch to the time, till it is delivered to you, we handle it with utmost care. But, it doesn't stop here as your feedback is equally important for us.

Nothing ends without a bit of practical session. So, why not take a look at one of our products with the winter fruit Orange. It's the Orange Carrot Detox soap which is very good for detoxifying your skin. The ingredients like orange and carrot juices with a dash of ginger give you the softest, most gentlest skin. With the colour and aroma you would feel as if you are having orange juice in your bath. There is not a hint of anything artificial in our products as you can see that we go to the market for the ingredients and all the soaps are newly made as per your order.

made with fresh orange and carrot juices .. 

So, have you seen anything like this before ? Doesn't it look tempting ? And it sure is as you will find the aroma of orange oozing out of the soap when you take it in your hand. What more do you need for a refreshing bath in the morning ?


  1. Hi Natasha, I read all your posts. This particular post has left me confused and concerned both. You have mentioned procuring the ingredients from the market, the way any common man goes to the market to pick up the fruits and vegetables. However, in India, all fruits arrive raw at one hub in every state and there these fruits are treated to chemicals so they ripen on their way to different cities. Especially bananas, apples, papayas.. I have seen this personally when I had visited one such huge fruit market. So while you claim the goodness of the ingredients you use, I am now really worried about the chemicals smeared on these. I had thought you guys must have some special procurement arrangement directly from some orchards.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We do understand what you are trying to say and your concern is ours. In Soulflower, we always believe in using natural ingredients to the core. The fruits and vegetables used in our products are procured from the source itself. They are handpicked and we give our time and utmost attention while choosing the ingredients. We use them fresh and they are not even a day old which means that we are against using anything stale. Using frozen or dried out ingredients would never give the best results for our products. Also, you must be aware that the markets of Maharashtra are governed by the APMC act (Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act). Therefore, the fruits and vegetables need to be collected from the markets and it's the farmer himself who is selling the stuff.
    So all in all, be rest assured Soulflower is always more particular and careful about what we make for our customers :) nothing but the very best.....


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