Hello Winter !

Winter is here !!!


Christmas is almost knocking the door !!!

So, why should Soulflower stay behind ??? It's time for celebrations and we are gearing up to adorn Soulflower. And that's not it. We also have our guest who is more than happy to direct us with the celebrations. Don't you wish to know who is it ?

Well, he's our very own Snowman ! He has come all the way to stay with us and help us decorate Soulflower. He is friendly and doesn't forget to give a wink and smile to anyone entering or taking an exit. So, with snowman it's all happy happy for us. Snowman has already made friends with everyone around here and is always a foot forward in entertaining us.

Oh .. and he also plays the violin too with the horn and the trumpet.

Hello Snowman !

 carols and music !!

So, when Soulflower is being pampered throughout Christmas and the winter, don't you think even you needs some pampering too ? Winter is that time of the year which is favoured by all and December is the month when it is biting cold. Being one of the preferred seasons of all, winter too has it's side-effects. Cold, fever, dry and itchy skin etc.. You skin is need of deep moisturising and you are not able to find the right way to do it. But, there's nothing to worry !

Because, Soulflower has a solution for everything ! And, I am so sure that you would fall in love with the solution. But, how about something totally different for you this winter ? Most of us love to snuggle into a warm blanket with a book and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee during winters. So, why not put together both chocolate and coffee and take a hot bath. I know .. you must be wondering how that can be ? Well, it can be. With our Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Chocolate soap. It moisturizes your skin with it's unique ingredients like cocoa butter, cocoa powder and dark chocolate.

Take a look then ..

who wants a hot cup of chocolate and coffee ? 

for proper utilization - cut the bar into 2 pieces and store unused piece in a cool dry place ..

while using scrub your skin smooth with the coffee side & then wash with the chocolate side to get the soft, silky skin ..

Uses ?

- It acts as a sun block and also prevents sunburn & wrinkles
- also protects against sun's UV rays and of course cleans your skin

Ingredients ?

- coffee beans which neutralizes body odour
- cocoa powder which has powerful anti-oxidant properties
- dark chocolate which is used to smooth wrinkles and as a skin softener
- cocoa butter which has high moisturizing qualities
- Vitamin E which has anti-ageing process.

Oh and not to forget the aroma without which our products are like fish without water. The aroma would surely make you drool. So, if you want to wake up with the smell of chocolate and coffee together, then here's your solution.


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