Good things come in Soulflower packages !

Yes. That's so true ! Don't you think ?

Coming back to what today's topic is all about. Do you remember, as children, most of us had acquired the habit of collecting chocolate wrappers ? And we used to be even more drawn to those wrappers which were colourful and had cartoons in them. They appealed to our eyes. The most important fact here is - how much thought had the people put into making those wrappers. Needless to say, those thoughts reflected on the wrappers too which propelled us towards buying those chocolates. And not only the wrappers, but, the taste of the chocolates were quite good. Within these years, packaging design did turn into a concept and companies hire employees with specialization in this area. Even if it is a gift, we try to pack it perfectly which shows how much we care. Gone are the days, when just wrapping a beautiful paper around the product or gift was enough. Various props are now available in the market for creatively packing your products.

So, why Soulflower should stay behind ? We have a separate packaging section where thousands and thousands of products are lined up to be packed. The thoughts and the ideas behind the packaging is not just limited to the boxes in which they are delivered. From the time the products are completely made, the packaging people are on their toes. From choosing the bottle style and colour for the oils, designed sticker for soaps to bottles for moisturizers - everything has got this creative touch. For us, packaging is not just a work but, our way to show how much we care about you. As Soulflower is all about handmade products, most of our packaging is handmade too. 

beautifully designed bottles for our range of Aroma Massage Oil

conversations !!

the process of packaging .. essential oils packed for delivery

Even, there is a section which is dedicated just for web packaging. The ones which are purchased directly from our Soulflower stores do have a different packing. We also have beautiful and gift boxes for assorted products which includes the soaps, candles, bath salt, diffuser and oils. Web packaging is performed quite meticulously as we believe customers trust on the product is directly dependent on how perfectly it is packed.

heart and soul .. heart shaped gift boxes for your loved ones

colourful gift boxes with assorted products .. ideal for surprising your loved ones 

The products which are placed in our stores have more freedom to show-off. There are testers kept in our stores to check how the original product is. The packaging here is designed in a different way and is sure to catch your eye. Wrapped up in colourful papers and boxes, you cannot help but take a second look. It's easier as you can check out the product before even buying it. That's the reason web packaging is given the utmost care as you have to blindly trust on us. There are almost 3-4 layers of packaging involved before it is shipped. Detailed packing takes care of your product so that it stays undamaged and whole.
Your feedback is really important for us. So, why not take a look and let us know how you feel ? Also, the Christmas season is on now and it's the time for some gift sharing. So, hurry up and gift your loved ones with our Soulflower gift packs and goodies. It is sure to bring a smile on their face and ours too !


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