It's time for some romance !

Isn't it ?

It's weekend people ... What more reason do you need to have ? But, the single ones out there ... no need to make a long face. You can still rejoice. If you are smart you would obviously know that romance is a word not only directed to love between two people but, in general between anything. You can romance with your books, nature, food and some sleep to. The ones who are hitched ... well, you should always find a reason to romance between your hectic schedules ! Because, you need to spend times with the one you love.

Sleep, rest and relaxation are the major needs during weekends when you regain your energy and gear up for the coming week. But, what about something which will help you relax even better ? Ah .. yes, you are right here .. Soulflower is always ready to help you. Every time and every day.

So, going along with the weekend relaxation mood why not blend something romantic ? Rest andromance goes hand in hand. Now, take a look at what Soulflower has in store for you !

Rose Geranium Aroma Massage Oil

rose and geranium as main ingredients ..

aromatic candles always helps !

The ingredients of this oil are rose and rose hip which repairs damaged cells and reduces wrinkles. Jojoba oil and rice bran oil relieves muscle fatigue, geranium improves skin elasticity and controls acne and vitamin E makes skin glowy and healthy. It is well known that in the recent times due to hectic schedules are a big reason for stress, tension and various such problems in people. So, most of them wants just one thing i.e., to relax on weekends. Rose Geranium Aroma Massage Oil relieves exhausted and fatigued muscles and leaves you relaxed for a long time. A nice Aroma Massage can help by increasing the flow and movements to these systems, decreasing stress held in those areas and clearing blockages. Regular massage therapy can work gently to bring relief directly to the area of the body where stress and tension is held. It also improves blood circulation.
How to use ?
Just add few drops of Rose Geranium Aroma Massage Oil to any bathtub and take your bath. Or you can massage by applying acupressure and massage-like techniques to the feet or hands.
Hope this post will be of help to you. Have a happy weekend for a great start to the next week.


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