Who wants a scrub now ???

If you have read what I had posted yesterday, then it will be little easier for you to understand what I will be talking about today. However clichéd it may sound, but, it's the truth. Pollution, stress and various other environmental factors are the main reasons behind creating havoc with our skin. How much can you take care ? How many skincare products can you apply ? The list goes endless as are the problems with your skin. And, the most unfortunate thing is that many people remain ignorant about skincare. Till now.

Soulflower shakes it's head to this oblivion. Here, our prime concern is regarding your hair and skin which is a pivotal part of your health. Thinking of this, our team has come up with a product which is user-friendly and natural. It's the Turmeric Honey Body Scrub.

Turmeric Honey Body Scrub

The perfect blend of turmeric and honey serves well as a cleanser. It's lot better than those artificial products which we use. Most of us are aware of those homemade cleansers wherein we mix up turmeric and honey. They have excellent benefits for your skin. Turmeric acts as an exfoliating agent and also an answer to your wrinkle woes. It is also good for healing scars or injuries. Honey is good for pore cleansing. Other than this, honey is also having moisturizing qualities as it draws moisture from the air into the skin and makes sure to retain in the layers where necessary. Both turmeric and honey has got anti-ageing qualities.

Turmeric and honey as the main ingredients ..

The other ingredients like white clay leave the skin luminous and refreshed. It evenly tones your skin and makes you feel radiant. Volcanic ash as the other ingredient is a natural skin purifier. The exfoliating properties of this ash are apt for removing dead layers of the skin.
How to use this scrub ?

You can keep it on your skin for few minutes after applying for best results. Along with that, gently keep on rubbing in a circular motion to remove dry dead skin. It is good for all skin types.
This scrub is handmade and doesn't contain any artificial ingredients. Also, it is available online in our Soulflower website. So, people ... don't ignore your skin and get a grab of this product as quickly as possible.


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