Winter Skincare

With winter comes celebrations, sweets, candles and Christmas ! And with celebrations comes the need to get decked up. While the Christmas fervour is still there, people gear up to welcome our brand new year. So, December can be called as a month of partying, celebrations, fun and happiness.

And with it comes the strong need to take care of your skin. The most common problem of winter is dry and patchy skin. Lotions, moisturizers, body oils get a good room in our homes in this time. But, what about the results ? We keep on continuously applying without any good effect. While, there are also some people who take shelter of homemade remedies.

Let me introduce some of our products which are sure going to be beneficial for you. Soulflower is a modern and easier version of homemade treatment. As, I have mentioned before that it's all natural and organic. It's not just our soaps or oils which are natural, but, we have a wide variety of body milks which are completely pure.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Body Milk, Tea Tree Essential Oil Body Milk, 
Lavender Essential Oil Body Milk

The most important ingredient used in all these moisturizers is aloevera which acts as a protective layer on the skin and secondly, cocoa butter which helps your skin look smooth and soft. It has high moisturizing qualities. Along with that each body milk contains it's particular ingredient like rose hip oil for Rose Essential Oil Body Milk, lavender for Lavender Essential Oil Body Milk, sandalwood for Sandalwood Essential Oil Body Milk and so on. With the moisturizing qualities of cocoa butter, the use of various essential oils acts extra beneficial for your skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Body Milk - acts as a non stimulant and increases the skin ability to fight off infections

Rose Essential Oil Body Milk - rids you off anxious feelings and promotes emotional well--being, thereby making you look relaxed.

Lavender Essential Oil Body Milk - it smoothens and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft, supple and pleasantly scented.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Body Milk - works as an anti-oxidant and has anti-ageing properties

Strawberry Essential Oil Body Oil Milk - specially designed to provide lightweight hydration and helps to refine and protect skin

Jasmine Essential Oil Body Milk - helps to balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness.

You can apply the body mil after your shower for really soft skin or just before you go to sleep. 

Aloevera and Cocoa Butter as the main ingredients for body milk

Body Milks doesn't leave that sticky feeling on your skin after applying. And as our products are made from natural ingredients, they are free from harmful chemicals which can damage your skin. So, why not take and look at these and get them in your bag. They are all available online in our Soulflower website. After all, who doesn't n crave for a crazy winter ?


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