Welcome to our blog yet again ! It's just because of your love and support that our family is growing big, bigger and one fine morning you would wake up to find us the biggest. And not to undermine the hard work from our soap chefs, who are one of the prime reasons for all the assortments you get to see.

Just rewind a little. I already introduced you all to our new guest - The Snowman. He is almost a part of our family now. Well, he is having a gala time here playing the music, chatting away and just because of him, we had a fabulous Christmas too ! But, he's not just an entertainer. He's enlightened about a wide variety of matters and therefore feels really accomplished about giving us directions. Taking a stroll around our place, he was quite in awe of the decor. Also, our Soulflower Girl is now really good friends with Snowman and gave him a tour around explaining about the products and it's uses. Snowman was quite overwhelmed to learn about the wide array of natural ingredients in our products. And he was even more glad to know that we had so many soaps and oils designed just for the winter !!!!

Coming from his place where there is nothing other than winter, he shared with us his know-how's regarding enjoying a friendly and warm winter ! Yes, you read it right ... friendly and warm !! Almost 2 weeks back, there was a post about the Wake Up & Smell The Coffee Chocolate Soap. When, Snowman saw me writing , he got really excited seeing chocolate being the main ingredient in a soap! So, our Soulflower Girl informed him about the other two chocolate soaps too and he got even more excited !!!!

Now, our very knowledgeable Snowman needs to show his expertise and we provided him with the full pleasure to do that as he's our guest. Therefore, here are some recommendations from him - just for you !!!!

Hot Chocolate, Bite Me Chocolate and Wake Up & Smell Chocolate !

Snowman recommends the three chocolate soaps for you to enjoy a 
wonderful winter and have fun too !

peek-a-boo in our studio ..

it's the season of chocolates !!! and ... a little bit of coffee !!

chocolates and entertainment go hand in hand !!

So, what do you think about the suggestion ? Chocolates are an all time favourite with not only kids but, also amongst the elders. According to me, I am in for Snowman's suggestions ! The main and the common ingredients of these three soaps are cocoa butter and chocolate. The other ingredients are separate and unique. Both Hot Chocolate and Bite Me Chocolate contain milk while for Wake Me Up & Smell The Coffee Chocolate it's coffee. The unique ingredient for Hot Chocolate is coconut while the other two soaps have cocoa powder. They maybe varying a bit in the ingredients but all three soaps are good for moisturizing your skin.

And .. do not forget as I had mentioned earlier to cut the soaps in two pieces so that they stay for long.  Snowman is quite enthusiastic and hence, he will come forward with more recommendations.
For more ... stay tuned ! 


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