Light Up Your Home With Essential Oil Candles

Photographing candles are the best thing. Seriously. And, with Diwali, tons and tons of orders are coming down and innumerable packages of candles are being sent. And, with such lovely designs and colours, who can resist taking a picture or two. 

Okay. Now just for your information. We have got nice looking floating candles in pack of 2 & 4. Big Lotus Floating Candle and Festive T-Lights & Baby T-Lights. Such a wide collection. Good na ? Also, if you want something more than just rose aroma ... there are jasmine, lavender and strawberry available too. So, no need to pout and stick to just one choice. But, explore more. And, why not light candles of various aromas all together ? We say .. it's going to smell delicious. And, who doesn't love visiting and re-visiting lovely smelling homes ? 

Now a bit of important information. Our aroma candles are made from pure essential oils. In this process, the liquid materials or the essential oils as rightly called are selected and carefully extracted by distillation and are used to bring about soothing and healing effects. Aromatherapy candles release a mild but continuous stream of floral aroma and herbal essential oils when they burn. Also, the oil molecules released has medicinal effects on people which helps to de-stress and maintain a calm environment.The fragrances emanating from the candles has an elevating effect on a person's physiological and psychological state.

They are colourful. Aromatic. Therapeutic. So. Prepare for a healthy Diwali this time.

our range of aroma candles

Glass Votives - Rose, Lavender, Jasmine

a bit of Jasmine

Big Lotus Floating Candle, Floating Candles, Festive T-Light, Baby T-Light


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