Diwali Detox With Castor

Castor Oil has long been known for it’s use in treating constipation. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. The oil is derived from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus Communis ) and Soulflower Castor Carrier Oil is extracted by the purest form known as cold pressing where heavy granite machineries are used to draw out the oil from castor seeds at a certain temperature. Now, coming to it’s properties, Castor also boasts of a long standing history of being utilized for healing and beauty enhancements. Surprisingly, a lot of people are quite ignorant about the varied benefits of this amazing oil. Let us enlighten about certain facts which will help you.

Castor has lot to offer than we already know

Looking at the subject line, you must be wondering – Detox ?And for Diwali ??
Diwali is not only the time for celebrations, food and beauty. What about going frenzied while carrying on with pre-Diwali preparations? It’s quite natural. Guests coming down from all over, planning for the festivities, shopping ( like for everything !!!! ), re-doing your interiors and so on. Diwali is a two day affair for sure, but, requires a lot of attention. So, isn’t it obvious that you would need a time or two to just sit down, relax and feel fresh for the actual day ??
Now, here’s where we make our entry ! As you all must be already aware that Castor Carrier Oil is one of our best sellers. Due to it’s good old properties, people just love to use it along with Bhringraj and Olive Carrier Oil. While looking at our daily reports everyday .. ( oh yes ! that’s a must !) we have noticed that Castor is one of the many products which sells like anything. Nice na ?? That’s when we realized, why not educate our customers regarding it’s magical uses ??
We all know how Castor is good for our hair & skin .. but how can it be something more ?? Did you know that a warm water bath with Castor Oil is highly recommended for relieving muscle pain, headache and much more ??

How to go on with it ??

-       Pour 1-2 cups of Soulflower Castor Carrier Oil in a bucket or tub of warm water. Best time to apply it is during night.
-       Immerse your body including your hair in the tub or just take a slow and nice bath with the Castor infused water.

pour 2 cups of Castor Oil into a tub of warm water

How does it heal our system ?

-        - Enhances digestion

-        - Relieves joint & muscle pain

-        - Strengthens hair

-        - Calms down skin inflammations

-        - Eases headaches

-        - Detoxifies your entire body

Well, that’s it. What you need to do is, after an entire day’s hectic work .. just drown yourself into the castor glory and let everything be taken care of.
We ensure that you would feel the best on Diwali.
Another little piece of info : Castor Oil can also be mixed with any other carrier oil due to it’s thick consistency.


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