Post Diwali Skin Issues ? Sulfur To Your Rescue !

Diwali is over. And, so are the n number of sweets at home. Quite sad. It's always depressing to say goodbye to festivities and good food. But, well .. that's life and we need to move on. Move on to the next level of awesomeness. Prepare ourselves for the next round of festivals, fun and food. But, with the over indulgence this Diwali .. and c'mon now ! How can you say no to sweets ? You can't. What you can do is ... let sweets and skin be the best of buddies. And, it' spossible, when Anti Acne Sulfur Soap is there to your rescue.

Don't Fear, When Sulfur Is Here !

Acne, breakouts and other skin eruptions are a common after any festival. All thanks to those ever gorgeous, yummilicious sweets. It's quite hard to resist. Sulfur has been an old remedy for dealing acne issues. Historically known as brimstone, sulfur is a natural element and has a distinctive odour. When applied, Sulfur allows the skin to dry out and peel helping the skin to reduce oiliness.

How should you use Soulflower Anti Acne Sulfur Soap ?

This soap is a formulation of all natural herbs best suited for your skin. Ingredients like lavender, neem, rosemary, charcoal, cocoa butter, turmeric come together to form an excellent concoction for fighting acne, pimples and other skin issues.

- Use this soap everyday while taking your morning shower,

- Apply it on the acne affected areas of your skin and keep it for sometime,

- Wash off with cold water.

Acne Issues ? Switch To Sulfur !

all that goes into Anti Acne Sulfur Soap


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