Soulflower Wishes You An Aromatic Diwali !

Soulflower celebrates Diwali in a grand way. Colours, aroma and sweets all around. So, finally the big day has arrived and we are really happy to let you know that people are showing lots of love to us. We have dispatched a luminous amount of orders and are still doing the same. More number of orders = More amount of love. Well, that's how we calculate. It's quite a good time for us. Our designs which we are creating everyday are getting better and better. The simple things around are a great source of inspiration for us. All in all .. Diwali is going to be really really good.

So, celebrate this Diwali and all the coming ones with us. Spread the aroma. Spread the love. Dive into delicious sweets and if you overindulge and get a horrifying looking acne, then .. well, we are still there for you.

Happiest Diwali Folks !

have an aromatic Diwali

Diwali without sweets is unthinkeable


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