This Diwali, Go Green !

And we being a brand endorsing as well as supporting organic products, are more than happy to celebrate a Green Diwali. Not only this year, but always. What we want to say is with each passing time, one should try and get as much closer to nature than we already are. What you need to do is, avoid using anything plastic, chemical or not natural. Fall in love with nature. Embrace it. And, let your lives be filled with the fresh air.

Talking about fresh air, we have these delicious smelling Aroma Oils for aromatizing your homes this festive season. Diwali is the time for everything good. Eat good, wear good, speak good, hear good, do good and smell good. Guests arriving should have an enjoyable stay at your place. Soulflower Aroma Oils come in a wide range of fragrances : Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Love In The Air, Aqua Forest and so on. Choose your own aroma and fill up your space.

How To Use ?

- Pour the contents of a potpourri pouch in a container of your choice

- Pour 4-5 drops of your preferred Aroma Oil on it

- Spread it well and keep the container on a table.

You can also use Soulflower Aroma Oils for diffusing aroma.

- Pour water on the dented portion of any Soulflower diffuser

- Now, 4-5 drops of any Aroma Oil into it

- Light a candle and place it in the space below


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