Aromatize Your Space With All New Brass Cup Diffusers

Yes. It's a new arrival in our range of decor products. We have been constantly thinking, designing and developing new products since the past few months. And, with Diwali already here, there are a whole lot of new stuff waiting to be launched. You should seriously keep track of this space. If you have also noticed that our diffusers are not just plain ceramics but, the designs are interesting, quirky and sure to serve as an eye-candy for your personal space - be it your home, office or anything else. 

Now, a bit about our Cup Diffuser. This one, is available in both black and white with an elegant and eye-catching small golden bowl along with it. As you must know, that Soulflower diffusers are made from natural Thai clay containing HRA ( heat retaining agent ) properties. This makes our ceramics stronger plus they don't discolour and absorb aromas. Also, they are heavier and thicker, thus, can withstand more heat. 

available in both black & white

Soulflower Black Brass Cup Diffuser

How To Use ?

- Place the golden bowl on top of the diffuser,

- Pour water plus 4-5 drops of any Soulflower Essential or Aroma Oil,

- Then, light a candle and place in the space below.

Your diffuser is all ready to aromatize your space.


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