Learn How To Use Our All New Carrier Oils

It's easy and simple. We have all been using these traditional oils regularly for pampering our hair and skin. This post is just a replay of the old techniques and how you can use our new carrier oils - mustard, coconut & sesame effectively. And, anyways, with Diwali running towards us, it's a good time to educate yourself regarding matters of beauty.

Let's start with Coconut.

- Pour 10-15 drops of Coconut Carrier Oil in a container of your choice.

- Mildly heat up before applying

- Apply on your scalp and massage well.

- Best when applied in the night.

Along with being a natural conditioner for your hair, Coconut also has anti-cellulite properties. 

pour 10-15 drops in a container of your choice

mildly heat up the oil and then massage well on your scalp

 Mustard Carrier Oil

- Pour 10-15 drops in a container of your choice.

- Apply on the dark spots and tanned areas of your skin.

- Rub evenly.

- Take a nice warm shower in the morning and scrub the tanned areas with a natural luffa.

Mustard is known to be a natural sunscreen.

pour 10-15 drops in a container

rub evenly on the tanned areas of your skin

Sesame Carrier Oil 

- Blend 8-10 drops of Sesame Carrier Oil with 4-5 drops of Castor Carrier Oil.

- Mix well and apply on the rough areas of your skin like elbow and knees.

- Massage and rub evenly.

Sesame helps in skin lightening and also helps to moisturize your skin. Rough areas of your skin
like the elbow and knees need deep conditioning to stay smooth and soft.

blend well

apply on your elbow and knees to soften the skin


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