Say Hello To Winter With Lemon & Eucalyptus

Who doesn't love a a hot cup of lemon tea in the chilly mornings ? It's energizing, refreshing, detoxifying and everything to get you enough charged up for the day. All these while, we have been talking a lot about autumn. Festivals came and went by. It feels sad to bid goodbyes to such joy and merry making. But, even winter has it's good sides too. Firstly, you can wear your make up without any troubles like sweating - the reason why girls love winters. Secondly, you can show off your lovely and fashionable woollens. Also, winter is the season to go many places without getting tired. But, what you need to do is to stay armed against the winter devils. Yes. Runny nose, chest congestion, persistent cough, fever and so on.

a cup of hot lemon ginger tea

Eucalyptus helps to heal respiratory problems like sore throat and viral infections

How to get rid of it ?

- The best way to get rid of cold is to have a lemon ginger tea infused with honey and cinnamon every morning. This helps you to stay energized and also detoxifies your system internally.

- Avoid taking pills which may heal you for that time but, they are never useful in the long run.

- Lemon and Eucalyptus Essential Oils are some of the best remedies for fighting bacteria causing cold, cough and fever.

How To Use ?

- Pour 2 drops of Lemon and 2 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil into a tub of boiling water.

- Inhale the steam and remember to put a heavy blanket over you while doing it.

- You can also diffuse Eucalyptus Oil in one our ceramic diffusers. The vapour arising from the diffuser will helps in warding off bacteria causing illness.

2+2 drops of goodness 


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