Pre-Diwali Skincare With Moisturizing Soaps

While you are all energized about pre-Diwali preparations, you also need to take a second or maybe a 
third look at your self too. You need to shine this festive season. As, it has been repeatedly mentioned in the earlier posts, Diwali marks the arrival of winter season. Skin tend to get dry than the usual and is in need of deep mositurizing. Winter can be called as the worst season for your skin. Whipping winds and chilly temperatures can really create havoc with your skin. It strips moisture from your skin pores making it itchy and dry. 

What you need to do ?

There is just one word. Moisturize ! Moisturize & Moisturize ! There's no second option for that.

Soaps that love your skin

For A New You

pre-Diwali skincare with moisturizng soaps

Cleanse & Moisturize with Soulflower Baby Your Skin Soap and Everyskin Lavender Soap regularly while taking your shower in the day as well as night. Baby Your Skin helps to draw out skin 
impurities, clear out pores and moisturize at the same time. Everyskin Lavender with dried lavender flowers helps to calm down itchy skin or any other inflammations.

Baby Your Skin is also an excellent make up remover. Which means, that it's a party girl's best friend.
 Use it in the night everyday for best results on your skin.

And, if your suffering from dry and tight skin, use any soap containing cocoa butter like
 Milk Cocobar Soap. With the goodness of milk and cocoa butter, this soap works well in
 healing skin inflammations and providing the needed moisture for your skin.


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