Chocolates, Coffee, Cocoa Butter - The Perfect Skindrink

Isn't it ? A perfect concoction for your skin. And there's more to go along with it. Milk, coconut and cocoa powder. It's just last winter when I talked a bit about the chocolate ingredient being sooo good for winter. We have also been talking a lot about how winter affects our skin, mood and total well-being. Chocolate is such that it not only enhances the skin health but also has a positive effect on your mood. We are sure, that you must be acquainted with the term ' winter depression '. Dark chocolate may increase serotonin levels not only due to the serotonin and L-tryptophan it contains, but also because it contains carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which can signal the body to produce more serotonin.

this winter, go chocolaty

to give you a glowing, itch free skin

Soulflower chocolate soaps does not only contain chocolates but all winter friendly ingredients like cocoa butter, milk and coffee.

Cocoa Butter deep moisturizes your skin and is a must have in all lip balms, moisturizing soaps and such other beauty products. It also helps remove dark spots or hyperpigmentation which occurs due to appearance of dead skin cells during winter.

Milk is an excellent skin cleanser which goes deep into to take all the grime and dirt out. It also helps to improve complexion and give it a softer look.

Coffee works best as a skin scrub along with fighting appearance of skin spots, wrinkles and aging signs. This improves the overall look of your skin. Caffeine possesses anti-inflammatory properties which soothes your skin and inflammations on it. So, if your skin is dry, itchy, scaly or patchy then a touch of coffee is just perfect.

So, this winter treat your skin to a lovely drink made up of all these gorgeous ingredients and get a soft, smooth and glowing skin.


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