Fall In Love With Your Skin This Winter

First let's say a nice little ' hello ' to the last season of the year. With it's cons, winter is still one of the loved seasons of all. It's the time for freshly brewed steaming cup of coffee, heavenly smelling cakes and cookies, long vacations and so on. In India, it's a bit different. Go to any hill station, a cup of lovely smelling masala chai would greet you in every nook and corner. In the evenings, it's always a plate of freshly fried bhajiyas waiting to be jumped upon.

Hello Winter

Winters in India is also about a nice champi with our traditional Coconut Oil. The age old scene of massaging warm Coconut Oil for hair and skincare is quite usual in every Indian home. Harsh winds in this season creates a havoc with your skin as well as hair robbing off the natural oils from them. A nice massage, in fact a daily massage with 8-10 drops of Coconut Carrier Oil along with 3-4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

You can also add 2 tsps of hone to your bath water in the morning for skin nourishment.

Also, our skin needs hydration due to lack of humidity in the winters. Daily hot water bath seems to take off the natural moisture from our skin. Naturally, our skin dehydrates and is in vehement need of moisture and nourishment. Rosehip Carrier Oil has been found out to be one of the best for skin nourishment during winters. It helps to provide the required food for your skin, going deep to repair and make it healthy and radiant.


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