Olive Is More Than Just A Pizza Topping !

It’s good for your hair. Good for your skin. Good for your nails. Good for cracked heels. And, you are most welcome to give us your own inputs. Olive Oil is hugely beneficial for like everything. With the festive season already here and the winter months approaching, your skin tends to get dry and dull. What your skin needs is deep moisturizing. Olive as an ingredient has been used as a moisturizer since ancient times. Cold Pressed Olive Carrier Oil has regenerative power over skin tissue and thus consistent application ensures that your skin remains soft and smooth while keeping it toned and firmed.

Olive Oil for everything

Use Olive !

Olive for nail & cuticle care

also for cracked heels

Diwali is the time to glow, to look beautiful. So, how can you use Olive Oil effectively in your daily schedule?
Firstly, Olive Oil helps to brighten up your skin complexion.You can use it as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
Cleanser : Rinse you face with lukewarm water. Take few drops of Olive Carrier Oil in a cotton swab and rub your face gently to cleanse. Wipe your face with a clean wet cloth thereafter. Do it every night before going to sleep. This will help your skin to stay soft & supple.
Moisturize : Using a normal moisturizer in the summer months are ok. But, step up to a deep moisturizing agent in the winters. Opt for carrier oils like Avocado, Jojoba and best is Olive. This will keep your skin healthy & glowing.
Exfoliate :  Exfoliation is a must, but not more than twice a week. Start from today itself. Diwali is already here. Make a home made scrub of 5tbsps of besan, 2-3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil & 8-10 drops of Olive Carrier Oil. Mix well & scrub well. Rinse with cold water and pat your skin dry.
Well, then .. you are good to glow !!! Other than this,Soulflower Olive Cold Pressed Carrier Oil can be used to care for your nail& cuticles, cracked heels & moisturize your hair.


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