Why should you have castor oil from Soulflower ??

And why not from any local departmental store ??

And why do WE need to manufacture castor oil when it is readily available in any of your nearby outlet ??

Simple. Because, we not only claim to serve you with the purest of products but, we actually work on it. Right from the procurement of the raw materials to the delivery of the products, we adhere to strict norms which help us to distribute the best quality results.

Castor Oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of castor plant by the process known as cold pressing. Involving minimum heat, castor beans are just squeezed at high pressure to extract oil out of the seed. Soulflower Castor Carrier Oil is obtained by the process of cold pressing just like all the other carrier oils we have. There are also processes other than cold pressing but, it's known to be the most natural and purest form of extracting oil. Most castor oil manufacturers use chemicals to extract the oil because it's cheap, but this also affects the purity of the castor as well as its effectiveness. It could even negatively affect your health.

" Make sure, however, that the castor oil you use is cold-pressed because it means it’s a pure product with all of its goodness intact. " ( ref. : Castor Oil Granules by Encyclopedia, Essential Oils Academia )

The one thing to notice is the colour of the oil which is light yellow and the consistency which is thick. Light colour means it's pure. Also, the ones who know about castor oil must have come across Jamaican Black Oil which is believed to be pure because of the black colour. But, it's not. The consistency is not that thick though and it's the reason why many people prefer using this. But, you need to know that the black colour is obtained by adding ash from roasted castor beans. Adding ash into the oil somewhat rips off it's purity and therefore cannot be called as a pure castor oil. 


Soulflower Coldpressed Castor Pure Natural Carrier Oil



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